Alion Andersson Men's Fashion Designer

Alion Andersson

Much of Tiger Walk's success can be attributed to the recruitment of Alion Andersson, head designer and creative thinker. Andersson has spent a generation chasing after his most powerful passions – style and design is second nature to him.

Around 30 years ago, Alion Andersson started a men's clothing business, creating lines such as Spy Sports Wear. Alion Andersson is seen as the first designer of the multi-color, alterable cotton jacket that can become a fashion handbag. This technique was considered a breakthrough, and because of his ability to sense opportunities in producing practical styles, a number of doors opened up to him.

With more experience, Alion Andersson increased the scope of his work to equate the depth of his passions – contemporary furniture design, high fashion design, interior design, photography and superior-class cuisine. Due to the artistic fire burning deep inside of him, everything he touched burned bright.

Of course, he didn't just have a nose for art. But, his style is a way that a person should live their life. And, what he built was a depiction of the values. Around the mid-1980s, his photography passion caused him to generate a widespread photo-developing business all around the United States, with more than 30 locations